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Domestic Violence

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If you or someone you know has been charged in Northern California with domestic violence and/or spousal abuse and need a domestic violence lawyer, we can help.

In recent years, California laws regarding domestic violence and spousal abuse have undergone several changes, in response to the People v. OJ Simpson trial evidence and other political pressures. The offices of the District Attorney or City Attorney are now aggressively prosecuting all reported incidents of violence in the home, and prosecuting such crimes even in cases where the victim refuses to press charges or recants initial claims of physical or emotional abuse. Prosecutors often rely on the psychological phenomenon known as battered womans syndrome, when explaining why they will not drop or reduce charges when the alleged victim requests that they do so, or when he or she refuses to testify. In some cases, prosecutors will file charges against alleged abusers in the absence of victims or witnesses.

The penalties for civil or domestic violence can range from probation and anger management, or batterers treatment counseling programs for first-time offenders, to felony charges and incarceration in more severe cases, or where the reported injuries were more severe.

Related Offenses include:

  • · Child Abuse
  • · Elder Abuse
  • · Husband Abuse
  • · Spousal Abuse
  • · Willful infliction of bodily injury upon a cohabitant
  • · Vandalism, or destroying utility line (i.e., ripping a phone from the wall)

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